Commercial Banking

The commercial banking industry is still subject to a rapidly changing environment. Seven years after the financial crisis, governments and regulators are still increasing the regulatory and legislative pressure on banking organisations. In addition to these pressures, technological progress is increasingly impacting the competitiveness of institutions.

Consulting Education Advisory LLC sees that banking organisations are struggling with the rampant increase in regulation and technological progress. Additionally, shareholders expect banks to have already returned to pre-2008 levels of profitability. While institutions are looking to improve their balance sheets by boosting profitability and organisational efficiency, it is also important to use the available technologies as a driver for future growth.

How Consulting Education Advisory LLC can help:

Consulting Education Advisory LLC has a proven track record in managing large-scale programmes within commercial banking. We provide end-to-end solutions which focus on the technical and business implementation of the proposed target operating model. This target operating model will create a shift in focus from being a product-oriented bank towards becoming a more customer-oriented institution, as well as identifying any change opportunities which are available cross-product, cross-channel and cross-border.

Consulting Education Advisory LLC can deliver expertise from the C-level of your organisation all the way through to operational project delivery. Our expertise covers the following disciplines within commercial banking:

  • Payments transformation;
  • Customer service excellence in payments;
  • Core banking;
  • Finance and control/finance transformation;
  • Operational excellence.